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Agricultural consultancy services in Ukraine — company assessment, business and strategic planning, financial modeling, on-demand research study. Consulting agency UkrAgroConsult.

Service provided UkrAgroConsult for both: buy and sell side parties, interested in either receiving funding or investing in Ukrainian agrarian businesses. Our goal is to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation between both sides by ensuring clear presentation of company’s past results, current operations and potential. The analysis includes field valuation, financial and legal assessment.

Service includes analysis of financial results of the company in the past, evaluation of internal and external strengths and weaknesses. We provide recommendations for systematic development of the company while accomplishing short and long-term goals. Optimization of all processes is the main factor considered when drafting the plan.

We are focusing on creating new, most optimal strategy for business, taking into account possibilities and resources. In case company already has fine-tuned strategy, we analyze it for narrow points, considering diversification possibilities, while aiming at maximum effectiveness.

UkrAgroConsult designs financial model as an instrument, which may be used by the company in a long-term. Financial model gives opportunity to adjust input data, having clear understanding of their effect on company’s results. Thus, improvement over time will result in generally positive tendency of company’s operations.

Research studies and periodical issues

«Agrarian Sector of Ukraine: Financial and Operational Analysis»  includes analysis of main factors, which either directly or indirectly affect agriculture within the region, as well as estimates of the experts, results of extended data mining as well as data analysis.

Are you interested in particular topic? Revenue margin of niche crop, funds, required for construction of new processing plant, exports of particular company are examples of topics we can cover. We prepare quality research studies, including any topic that may concern you, regarding agrarian sector of Europe and Black Sea Region. Please contact us, we are always open for help.

Ukrainian Agrarian Holdings play a big role in development of agrarian sector of Ukraine. This section provides the data on recent trends of stock performance of 15 public agrarian holdings of Ukraine. Take a closer look at share price fluctuations over the period that interest you most. Interactive graphs are at your service.

Ukrainian Agrarian Index was designed and launched by UkrAgroConsult in 2010 as an indicator that would follow capitalization trends of Ukrainian public companies, involved in production of agricultural commodities in Ukraine. Index is calculated in Euro, thus allowing for minimum effect of currency conversion rates. You can see performance of UAIndex in comparison to most well-known global indexes in this section.


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UkrAgroConsult is a leading consulting company specializing in agricultural markets of Ukraine and Black Sea Region countries for the past 20 years. Company has accumulated significant experience in the field as well as large databases, enabling top-notch analytics and forecasting services for our clients.

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