Strategic Planning

  • Company’s strategy determines ways of its business development in the future. Both: long-term and short-term goals give an understanding to potential investor not only about the company, but also about the direction it is moving in. Strategy gives not only external, but also internal advantages since clear identification of goals, responsibilities and task requirements determines its effectiveness in the long run.
  • Consulting Agency UkrAgroConsult provides strategy planning and development service for the companies interested in successfully operating in that agrarian markets. Close monitoring of agricultural market participants allows us detecting trends, which also give us an opportunity to analyze possible options of market development. This is why we are able to analyze any agricultural sector and provide report which would give clear understanding of opportunities in the given sector. Company receives a step-by-step strategy on entering the market of increasing market share. Investment analysis determines most profitable investment opportunities.
  • Finished product enables our client to assess potential development strategy under modern circumstance, clearly defines tools and methods of reaching set goals.


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UkrAgroConsult is a leading consulting company specializing in agricultural markets of Ukraine and Black Sea Region countries for the past 20 years. Company has accumulated significant experience in the field as well as large databases, enabling top-notch analytics and forecasting services for our clients.

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