7 TRENDS in 2018



It gets more and more difficult to develop in the ever-changing agricultural market. One can hardly understand direction to follow today, while it is already necessary to think of tomorrow, of entering new markets and facing new challenges. 

Do you remember the tail of the Golden Antelope? Information and figures, that have suddenly become available, are pouring in from all sides. Ring of golden coins is heard, foretelling a bright fortune. However, one realizes all at once, that numerous does not mean good. Sooner or later, the Raja exhaustedly says: “Enough!” and the coins turn out to be false. 


Publicly available information has not just increased in amount – it piles up at the exponential rate. With regard to information reliability -  it’s quality is much poorer than quantity. Global agricultural market has to stay in a permanent state of “filter” to identify incorrect or fake data. But what is to be done next? After all, you receive the figures, but not answers to your questions.


The market moves towards a greater competence of both service providers and customers. Standard reports have long not been sufficient for major customers. A deep analysis is needed. For instance, just a few years ago, a standard request for niche crops only involved one or two positions. But now, data on 10 and more related crops with respective backgrounds, forecasts and updates are required to make a decision.


Advanced agribusinesses are introducing or have introduced so called “full-cycle analytics.” It embraces all of the company’s internal processes and is even able to simulate its performance for 10 years ahead with just a touch of a button. For now, such software products only lack one valuable link: current market analytics. The latter include calculation of its present operational position and prospects in relation to other market players. 


The market is looking for new niches and analysts have some offers in this respect. Monitoring new fields for investment is another trend gaining momentum now. Irrespective of if it is own or borrowed money, the return on the investment is to be forecast reliably based on the largest possible set of factors. 


Transition to online platforms, accumulating large amounts of data. The solution is particularly applicable to companies either operating globally or expanding geographic range of operations. This is economically advantageous. All the data are located in one place and are accessible from any point of the globe. However, those strong in one market are not always as much strong in another. As it is commonly known, a more reliable picture is easier to obtain from inside. Major analytical companies, transnational companies often go the old, proven way and open an own representational office. A more economical option is the use of online platforms specializing in a given region.


Mathematical simulation based on the big data analysis has a proven success in many sectors. Artificial intelligence is increasingly able to diagnose more precisely than the average primary care physician. However, technology cannot yet compete with humans in strategic vision skills for analyzing the agricultural market. As never before, agribusinesses need high-end professionals capable of developing reliable forecasts and scenarios.


Competition in the agricultural consulting market necessitates making the work increasingly transparent and releasing analytical products of better quality. The above-mentioned forecasts include not only realized ones. 



Having a heap of information is of no value. The true value lies in the tools, automatically sorting the wheat from the chaff, checking out the reliability of every letter, figure and pixel. Regardless of if you are taking on agribusiness or looking for new end markets for agricultural products, you need to have on hand quality analysis, forecasts and ready scenarios for the long and short term perspective.

If you need to: 

  • Validate the market outlook you receive from your company staff,
  • Assess comprehensively the investment project and monitor the ROI, being thousands of miles away,
  • Track the growing competition that could modify your traditional markets. 

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