Competitor analysis in the grain storage market


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Where do investments flow to in Ukrainian logistics?

Ukraine has been annually producing over 60 MMT of grain in the recent few years, exporting more than 40 MMT of this volume. In addition, oilseed growing and crushing are on the rise that leads to corresponding growth in their exports. The upturn in production and exports increases the load on the grain storage and transportation system and demands higher standards of the logistics system.


An upward trend is observed in investments in Ukraine’s elevator sector (involving both port and inland elevators), but their inflow is not sufficient yet. Due to the lack of domestic capacities, part of the crop is stored in improper conditions.

The construction of new elevators and the reconstruction of already existing ones are performed mostly by major companies focused on exporting grains, oilseeds or their products. In addition, large and medium-sized farms become increasingly interested in constructing or upgrading storage spaces for grains and oilseeds.


How does Ukraine’s inland elevator sector develop? Is there potential for further expansion of handling capacities in ports? What is the outlook for production and export of grains, oilseeds and their products over the next 5-7 years? The above and a multitude of others issues are dealt with in UkrAgroConsult’s study ”Silos and Terminals of Ukraine, 2018”.

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