Grain exports from Ukraine: Surplus of grain-handling capacity. Myth or reality?


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Grain exports from Ukraine: Surplus of grain-handling capacity. Myth or reality?

Reality assessment and a response to questions and expectations of investors and grain traders – this is the content of UkrAgroConsult’s new advanced study “Ukraine Ports Grain-Handling Facilities.”


The grain market is dominated by the opinion that Ukraine’s sea ports now have a surplus of grain-handling facilities. This perception reflects a boom in the construction and upgrade of terminals, as well as a decrease in grain fob prices.


Indeed, the grain terminals made it possible to ship abroad record grain volumes.

However, the potential investor, trader, or even any grain market participant should take into account not only the theoretical capacity of the terminals to dispatch this or that amount of grain, but also a set of other factors.


For instance, the structure of destination markets, Asian demand, the availability of deep-sea berths, costs for additional loading at anchorage, intensity of competition in the fobbing segment, and many other things.


The present study by UkrAgroConsult “Ukraine Ports Grain-Handling Facilities” will give potential investors additional support for own market analysis and strategic development of the company.

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