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Market balances for next season 2018/19: estimates for 15 commodities were declassified

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There are a multitude of factors influencing the market. For various reasons, many of them are yet either underestimated or poorly studied with respect to their effects and relations. Underestimating even one of these factors may fatally impact all market participants.

Having no market balance data for the future season, the grower would be unable to rationally allocate crop plantings. The exporter would fail to predict changes in potential demand. Without this information, the analyst would by no means manage to make a right forecast for the future season. For even analysts’ children know that prices far from always reflect the real balance.

The market balance is the right tool that takes into account and combines the tiniest factors, negligible at first sight. It is a mirror of market sentiment allowing to make precise price behavior forecasts not only for the current year but also for the next one. It can help expand your horizons of understanding potential product demand sources, figure out the outlets in advance, and estimate the pressure of carryovers on the market.

Fortunately, there can be several balance sources and, therefore, we can get a still truer picture of the market. This particularly concerns forecasts.

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The balances itemize the top 15 commodities:

They include oilseed product such as Soybeans, Rapeseed, Sunseed, Soybean oil, Soybean meal, Rape oil, Rape meal, Sunseed oil, Sunseed meal; and the following grains: Wheat, Barley, Corn, Peas, Rye, Oat

The data covers all of the major market indicators:

Opening stocks, Acreage seeded, Acreage harvested, Yield, Crop, Imports, SUPPLY, Crushing, Seeds, Exports, Losses, DEMAND, Ending stocks

In addition, UkrAgroConsult’s balances are accompanied by analytical notes helping the reader get a better understanding of causal relationships and trends.


Do you want an example? Here it is! The latest forecast for Ukraine’s Rapeseed Market (based on data as of February 2018-19):

And here are comments by oilseed market analysts:


Oilseed crop is going to hit a new high!

Acreage suffices, weather favors.

  The 2018/19 prospects for the rapeseed segment of Ukraine’s oilseed market look quite upbeat, as winter rape plantings (over 1 Ml ha) and current weather suggest favorable forecasts. Therefore, a record crop of rapeseed is expected in 2018. This will entail unprecedentedly high exports and bring its crushing volume to a three-year high.

  Since the cancellation of oilseed export VAT refunds is scheduled for as late as 2020, the sector will pass the 2018/19 season “routinely,” but it will be forced to start adapting and rearranging itself as early as next marketing year.

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