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World’s lead macroeconomists revealed

5 main trends of the global economy,

to keep in mind in 2018


According to forecasts, the world is going to face inflation, tougher monetary policies, and a still greater gap in the economic growth pace between developing and developed economies. The trends envisage keener competition for new and old end markets, as well as protectionist conflicts. 

With regard to the Black Sea economies, their pace of development is by no means the fastest among other developing nations.

However, some benefits have taken shape as well. As clouds are gathering between the two giants vigorously generating added value, countries with no industrial ambitions are getting a chance to expand the markets for their agricultural commodities. The scheme already works: this was exemplified by the replacement of corn suppliers to China.

In the conditions of a volatile environment, broken economic ties and a persistent industrial decline, the Black Sea agriculture, on the contrary, showed resistance to economic adversities. A free land market in Ukraine, whose establishment is inevitably upcoming, may become a true investment magnet even despite economic weakness, inflation, aggravating competition and other risks. All prerequisites are in place for the sector to enter a new development stage once the sales begin officially. This particularly concerns major players in the agricultural market.

It is worth adding that the possibility to locate production generating minimum added value with a short payback period is another advantage of the region.

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