Ukraine: Assessment of the seed market, 2012/13


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The Study “Ukraine: Assessment of the seed market, 2012/13” is aimed to achieve the following goals:

- To reveal key factors of purchasing seeds,

- To segment the markets and increase the reliability of assessment of the markets’ capacity,

- To determine the competition level of the studied markets.


The Study’s implementation will allow finding out the following:

- To reveal peculiarities of the decision making by farmers when choosing seeds;

- To identify the diversity of key factors the growers take into consideration when choosing and using the goods;

- Key technical and qualitative characteristics of the goods, the role of sales conditions in the formation of the orders; 

- Place and role of price competition in the seed market, segmentation of the market in terms of the price, suppliers and origins;

- Role/advantage of some characteristics in decision making;

- Services provided and maintenance of the product, its peculiarities and advantages;

- Impact of seller-buyer relationships and sales promotion measures;

- Influence of a set of promotion on the brand choice and the goods use level;

- Valuation of the seed market’s capacity.


Methods of collecting information

  • Quantitative methods of collecting information
  •  Individual formalized, semi formalized interviews (face-to-face);
  •  Telephone surveys (CATI)
  • Qualitative methods of collecting information
  • Individual in-depth non-formalized interviews with or without audio recording
  • Audit of the wholesale trade in various goods groups
  • Expert surveys
  • Desk studies


Price of the study

The multi-client system allows sharing costs among subscribers to the Study. The list of participants will be provided upon request of customers.


Form of reporting

The Study’s key conclusions will be presented in printed version (3 copies) and the completed text (100-150 pages) and presentation in electronic form.


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