Food Industry

Canadian government eyes growth for agri-food exports
Ukraine. Margarine production up in 2017 for the first time in two years
China’s surface ozone pollution damaging rice yields, threatens global food security
Spain. Asparagus: forecast increase in production (+ 40%)
China's food safety plan includes alignment with international standards
Russia has increased prices for imported Turkey
Financing of the Russian food industry will be increased
Europe becomes the first destination for avocados in Chile
Moldova is seeking the abolition of import duties on agricultural products on the territory of Russia
Mexico. Exports: Avocados is more lucrative than oil
Sugar exports not to harm industrial consumers: PSMA
Moldova intends to seek the abolition of duties on imported wine and vegetables in Russia
ISMA giving misleading production figure; no need to import sugar: Ram Vilas Paswan
Quality of China's Agricultural Products to Improve
India has no plans to cut sugar import tax for now: Food minister
Belarus will join the Russian system of control of vegetables
Sugar prices face 'more volatility' - especially if El Nino strikes
Imports of cheese in Russia has decreased almost 2 times in a year
Cameroon: Government requested to raise ban on sugar imports to avoid shortage
Ukraine, Turkey to cooperate in fishing industry
China is the absolute leader in the production of mushrooms
Russian chocolate appeared on the Mexican market
EU consumes 73% of Colombian production
Russian government lifts ban on exports of onions, cauliflower, broccoli from Turkey
Russian agricultural watchdog does not plan to lift restrictions on products from Turkey
Fruit imports are increasingly dynamic in Vietnam
Mexico cancels sugar export permits to the US in 'absurd' dispute
'Strong demand' to keep sugar prices rising - Abares
South Korean Market Opens for Brazilian Mangoes
India Sugar Outlook Cut by Mills as Drought Hurts Cane Supply
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