Food Industry

New sugar refinery to appear in Uzbekistan
Kenya imports molasses from Sudan amid cane shortage
Pakistan. Food exports surge 9.85pc to 1.072bn
Ukraine. More than 90% of sugar beet are harvested
China to lose top rank in world sugar imports, after trade crackdowns
China will mechanize sugar cane production by 70%
Almost 90% of sugar beet harvested in Chernihiv region
Thai raw sugar cash premiums under pressure from higher futures
Italy Faces Potential Egg Shortage Ahead of Christmas
New Zealand intends to deliver to Russia apples
Domestic producers exported over 40,000 tons of sugar in October
Supermarket chains in Asian countries expect products of premium quality from Ukrainian agro-industrial complex
The head of Dagestan believes that food security depends on the support of the village
Ukraine. A seasonal increase in mayonnaise production
Australia and Peru sign sweet free trade deal for sugar industry
BSFIC to import 50,000 tons of sugar
CS Brazil's H2 October sugarcane crush expected at 29.68 mil mt: survey
U.S. organic feed industry dangerously dependent on imports
Russia should become the leading supplier of products in the Asia Pacific region
Even Haiti Is Buying European Sugar
Ukraine produces 1.16 million tonnes of sugar by November 6
Alexander Tkachev: food prices this year increased by 3%
Govt extends stock limit on sugar traders till December
Russian watchdog lifts restrictions on tomatoes supplies for three Turkish companies
World sugar dynamics 'worst', for bulls, in at least 12 years, says Green Pool
Russia green-lights imports of pomegranates, eggplants from 27 Turkish enterprises
Korea resumes egg exports to Hong Kong
Ukraine: Great export potential for butternut squash and sweet potatoes
Russia postpones embargo expansion to cover US, EU bone meal
Israel to Exempt Eggs from Import Tax
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