Food Industry

Ukraine. Flour deliveries from Ukraine reduced twofold
Ukraine. Groats production continued following a downward trend
Ukraine produced one million tonnes of sugar
Ukraine boosts pasta exports by 13%
Ukraine. Flour exports since the start of 2018/19 reduced 57.6 thou. tons
Flour exports from Kazakhstan hit a high in MY 2017/18
Mills in Ukraine produced 873 thou. tons of sugar
Italian Pasta Exports Double In 20 Years
China reduced Ukrainian flour purchases substantially
Cuba sweet on sugar imports
Ukraine. VIMAL produced the first starch batch on its newly-built plant
Ukraine. T.B. Fruit aimed at 5 thou. tons pectine production
Ukraine. September sugar exports twice decreased
Ukrainian honey exports drop by 40%
Europe's small potatoes a problem for McDonald's fries
Flour supplies from Ukraine to foreign markets made up 53 thou. tons
Flour exports from Russia down 4%
Zimbabwe could face cake and cookie shortage as ‘critically low’ flour stocks are prioritized for bread
Ukraine. Flour export shipments from Ukraine reduced 31 thou. tons
Ukraine. Flour exports at a three-year low
Global opposition to India’s sugar subsidies
Ukraine. Flour exports since the start of 2018/19 decreased 34 thou. tons
In January-August food products in Russia rose in price 3.8 times faster than in the EU
Center-South Brazil H1 September cane crush falls 10.9% from H2 August: UNICA
Ukraine. The Law on the Abolition of State Sugar Market Regulation came into effect
Ukraine. The demand for condensed milk is growing
UP accounts for 38% of India’s sugar output in 2017-18
Ukraine exported more than 22 thousand tonnes of sugar in August
Kiev region began sugar beet harvesting
Farmers vow 
to fight cuts in UK sugar tariffs
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