Grain market news

Kazakhstan restoring the pace of barley exports
Ukraine. Survival of winter cereals under no threat
Mexican chain buys big load of Thai rice
Laos to export more rice to China: PM
Egypt purchased Russian and Romanian wheat in the first tender this year
China to levy five-year anti-dumping, anti-subsidy duties on US DDGS
Ukraine reports progress in grain sector cooperation with China
Egypt's Gasc turns to Black Sea, again, for wheat order
U.S. corn, soybean production down 1% from November
SA grain industry group sees 2017 maize surplus
PH seeks early opening of 2017 rice imports under MAV
Japan to ease public sector's grip on rice breeding
Zambian pest plague boosts need for South Africa corn revival
Groats production in Ukraine stopped falling
Russian grain export market was flat due to long holiday period
CBOT corn futures are under the influence of Argentinian weather factor
Belarus. Snow cover will protect winter crops against freezing temperatures
African countries boosting Ukrainian flour imports
Pakistan. Country’s wheat demand reaches 25 million tons
Algeria bought 475,000 tonnes wheat in tender
Pakistan. Agriculture sector being badly hit by climate change: minister
Brazilian coffee output fall in 2017 'may keep prices firm'
US winter wheat area hits lowest since 1909 - sending prices higher
New grain safety program debuts in Canada
SA grain industry group sees 2017 maize surplus
China to Expand Corn Ethanol Amid Grain Surplus
NFA assures sufficient rice supply in next three months
Philippines buys 40,000 tonnes of rice from Thailand
World faces third succcessive coffee output deficit, says ICO
US grain rail shipments edge slightly higher to start year: AAR
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