Grain market news

Russia. Ministry of Agriculture plans to set preferential tariff for grain transportation from Siberia
Kazakhstan boosted grain exports
Deadline looms for Australian barley submissions to China
Russia. Fair wintering conditions for crops
Egypt will buy up to 1.7MT of U.S. wheat
Lack of snow in southern Kazakhstan may result in winterkill of crops
Egypt to take 1.7 mil mt of US wheat amid thin Russian supply
Ukraine. Winter grains in mid-January can be rated as good
Russia plans tougher grain export controls
China's state grain stockpiler sees record inventory cut
Russian wheat prices on rise
Sergey Feofilov: In 2019, Ukraine will retain its position as a strong player on the world agricultural market
Ukraine’s 2018/2019 grain exports already totaled 25.7 MMT
Russian wheat market rose last week supported by high demand from importers
Russian wheat coasters prices surge as supply dries up, freight sinks
Ukraine’s 2018/2019 grain exports already totaled 25.7 MMT
Modest increase expected in U.S. winter wheat acreage
Black Sea Grain-2019: 2 Days that Grow Your Trade
Morocco is now one of the top 3 importers of Ukrainian wheat
EU awards 15,552 tonnes of Ukrainian wheat quota imports
Canada Government to invest $39.3 million in Crop Research
Belarus. Condition of winter crops causes no concern
Russian wheat follows global benchmarks higher amid strong demand
Flour export can fetch Pakistan $1bln annually
China's major grain-growing province pledges to secure food production capacity
Bangladesh buying bumps up Australia’s chickpea exports
Ukraine's grain exports rise to 25.7 mln T
Russian wheat origination costs surge as supply concerns grow
India extended the use of phosphine for fumigating agricultural products imported from Russia
India. Govt food grain inventory at 45.4 mln tn as of Jan 1, up 27% on year
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