Grain market news

India. Low temperatures to boost wheat crop
Nigeria’s Wheat Imports to rise 4% with Stagnant Production
Russian wheat exports slow
Egypt purchased a large consignment of Russian wheat
Global cereal production and inventories to decline but overall supplies remain adequate
Russia Seeks To Increase Grain Exports To Mexico
The FAO Food Price Index steady in December but lower in 2018 compared to 2017
Global center seeks to promote wheat farming in Kenya to cut food imports
Delegates from 15 countries already registered for ‘Black Sea Grain-2019’
Romania. Air temperature drop jeopardized winter barley and rape
Barley. Why does the most expensive grain crop remain “unpromising”?
India. Record rice procurement on the cards
Tunisia tenders to buy 100,000 T durum wheat
Egypt issued a milling wheat tender
Agrarian Ministry named top 5 export products in Jan-Nov 2018
Ukraine. Winter grains condition remains mostly good and fair
Zіmbabwe. Govt Releases $2,5 Million For Wheat Following Threats By Supplier To Cut Off Deal
Rabobank weighs in on options to boost China's corn supply
Ukrainian agricultural and food exports exceed $17 bln
Russian wheat market remained sluggish in the holiday period
Ukraine exported 23 MMT of grain in the 2018/19 season
Romania. A temperature drop may damage winter crops
Philippines buying Ukrainian wheat at a record pace
India pea ban extended
CME sets record for ag commodities trade in 2018
Ukraine. Corn exports to the EU increased fourfold
Ukraine. 2018 grain crop exceeded 70.1 MMT
Russia. Winter crops were exposed to fair conditions in December
Bangladesh ranks 5th in global wheat imports
Russia bans imports of wheat, sunflower oil, sweets, vegetables, fruits and other goods from Ukraine
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