Ukraine exports nitrogen fertilizers for $64 mln, imports for $288 mln in 2018
Ukraine. Cherkasy Azot starts producing new type of mineral fertilizers
Ukraine. DCH could invest $3 BLN in modernization of Kharkiv Tractor Plant
Ukraine. AMCU authorized the Japanese Sumitomo for the acquisition of PPPs and equipment distributor
Grossdorf to open new plant for liquid carbomide-ammonium fertilizers production in Ukraine
Ukraine. HarvEast launches seed line in Donetsk region
China looks to cut minimum protein levels in feed amid trade war
Imported seeds fast replacing local varieties in Pakistan
Ukraine. Bayer opens modern factory for production of seeds of agricultural crops in Zhytomyr region
Ukraine. Draught hampers preplant soil preparation for 2019 winter crops
Gnidava Sugar Refinery acquired the newest German equipment
Ukraine appeals against WTO ruling on ammonium nitrate anti-dumping measures
China keeps investing in processing of Kazakh agricultural raw materials
Brazil's Attorney General to appeal glyphosate ban this week
Over half of Ukrainians oppose opening of land market
Syngenta Launches Five New Winter Wheat Varieties
Severodonetsk «Azot» resumed ammonium nitrate production
Slovakia turns back on ag biotechnology
«Poltavazernoprodukt» extends sown areas under irrigation
Program of cheapening agricultural equipment beneficial for everyone - Groysman
Improving feed production in Africa, Middle East
Ukraine increases fertilizer production
Molasses residues as valuable organic fertilizers rise to a new level
Pakistan. Overall sale of fertilizers shown increase of 27pc during April
Black Sea countries: Belarus & Moldova. Crops threatened by soil moisture shortage
African countries are interested in supply of Russian agricultural machinery and food machinery
Romania. Soil drought in the south undermining the crop’s potential
Belarus. Conditions for spring crops emergence unfavorable due to scarce moisture supply
Russian manufacturers are able to significantly increase the supply of specialized equipment to Iran
Development of organic fertiliser key to VN’s future agriculture
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