Belarus. Conditions for spring crops emergence unfavorable due to scarce moisture supply
Russian manufacturers are able to significantly increase the supply of specialized equipment to Iran
Development of organic fertiliser key to VN’s future agriculture
Russian farmers increased purchases of mineral fertilizers for 16%
China 'still a wild card' in the world phosphate market, says PhosAgro
Government to introduce anti-dumping duties on some mineral fertilizers from Russia
European grain storage bottlenecks critical despite investment: EU
Fertilization of winter crops started in Ukraine
World phosphate, potash shipments to grow in 2018, helped by Chinese needs
IRRI workshop focuses on irrigation, ag development in Myanmar
US farmland market stabilises, despite dips in farm incomes, credit conditions
Ukraine. Government to promote development of agriculture machinery industry – Groysman
World potash shipments to hit record, despite North American retreat, says Nutrien
World ag machinery markets to grow in 2018, says CNH
Anwil produced the 30-th million tonn of nitrogenous fertilisers
UK tractor sales firm up ideas of improved farmer fortunes
New developments in farming practices. Ukrainian manufacturers designed a biodegradable mulch film
Better opportunities for arable farmers in 2018
Ukraine. Parliament extends farmland sale ban by another year
Pakistan. Agricultural machinery imports increase by 31.98pc during first quarter
Manufacturers stockpile agrochemicals in bid to keep post-Brexit prices down for farmers
Ukraine’s mineral fertilizer market in search of stability
Pakistan. Fertilizer exports increase 100pc in first quarter
Russian Scientists Grow Super-Wheat Resistant to Cold, Diseases
European ag machinery rebounds drive Agco, CNH to forecast-beating results
In January-September the production of agricultural machinery in Russia increased by 24%
EU parliament votes to ban controversial weedkiller glyphosate
For 9 months of the insured area of crops in Russia has decreased by 70%
UK arable land prices revive, after 19% tumble
Ban of Herbicide Could Benefit Agriculture Prices
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