Livestock Sector

Ukrainian poultry meat exports hit record high in 2018
KSG Agro to invest UAH 11 mln in sow farm construction
Against the trend, Kazakhstan hopes to grow pork exports
FAO Food Price Index rises in January
Five products dominate the Ukrainian food exports in 2018
Ukraine's poultry meat exports up 21% in 2018
Ukrainian agricultural exports hit record high of $18.8 bln in 2018
Ukraine and Singapore agreed on the vet certificate form for poultry meat exports
Ukraine. Niva Pereyaslavschiny obtains a USD 12.5 million EBRD loan
India has opened its markets for US poultry
The FAO Food Price Index steady in December but lower in 2018 compared to 2017
Ukraine boosts exports of eggs in shell by 21.3% in 2018
Egg exports from Ukraine up 22% in Jan-Nov
Ukraine has 142 cases of ASF in 2018 which is 13% fewer than in 2017
Russia ready to increase wheat, meat exports to Thailand
China resumed imports of Ukrainian poultry products
Ukraine. Agricore Holding to export cattle to Jordan, Egypt and Libya
Ukraine. Nyva Pereyaslavschyny commissioned the 10th livestock complex
New markets of 24 states could open for poultry products from Ukraine
Eight Ukrainian companies authorized for the export of poultry products to Singapore
Ukraine sees decline in milk production, but meat and eggs output grows
Ukraine and Morocco agree on veterinary certificate for egg product exports
EU poultry production and consumption to expand slowly
Ukraine increases poultry export by 22.2%
US Beef Exports Declined Compared to During Summer
Ukraine’s 2018 grain harvest hits record high 70 million tonnes
U.S. beef gains new market access in Morocco
Share of foreign investment in Ukrainian livestock farming reaches 30%
FAO Food Price Index declines in November
Russia reduced the import of dairy products by more than 20%
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