Livestock Sector

Russia rapidly increasing meat production volume
Mavin to export fresh pork by end April
Plunging prices slow down pig production in China
Export opportunities in the Philippines
India’s poultry sector seen to grow 8%
US pigs return to Argentina
US urges Philippines to lift trade barriers on meat
Ireland to lead EU beef into key Chinese market
Need to explore potential of Pakistani meat export to UAE highlighted
Andrey Danilenko: the share of falsified products in the dairy sector is approximately 7%
Lower tariffs draw mixed reaction in the Philippines
Philippine meat importers approve lower tariff on meat imports
Marfrig grows its US beef footprint through National Beef acquisition
Turkey increases agricultural subsidies
China’s additional tariff on US pork will have immediate impact
US hog farmers squeal over US:China trade dispute
Outlook for Thai poultry industry challenging
Thai chicken meat re-enters China
US pork among items marked for tariff by China
Indonesia to import 22kt of beef and offal for Ramadhan
US hog herd races to seasonal record high
Feed prices in Vietnam appreciate
China's chicken imports to drop, thanks to fallout from Brazil food safety probe
Rising inventory to boost Korea’s pork production
Ukraine. Beef exports in Jan-Feb reached 5.3k tons
Farm Bureau concerned about possible Chinese trade retaliation
Indonesia considers beef imports from Brazil
Imports threaten Vietnam’s beef sector
Vietnam launches project to tackle antibiotic use in pig sector
South Korea relaxes rules for US poultry imports
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