Livestock Sector

Kazakhstan into a global leader in beef production
Food prices dip in October - FAO
Ukraine. Large dairy producer Loostdorf creates vegan milk
Russia is not yet ready to remove the restriction on the supply of milk from Belarus
Russia. High dependence on grain in formulations means ongoing volatility in feed prices
US trade deals with EU or UK must include open access for US pork
Bulgaria reports bird flu outbreak on two farms in south of the country
China has culled 200,000 pigs due to African swine fever outbreaks: animal health official
Ukraine. Rural households reduce milk production, dairy farms keep production at the last year level
Ukraine. MHP boosted chicken meat by 52% in Q3 2018
Ukrainians began to eat more imported pork
Ukraine exported 66% less pork in Jan-Sep
US beef exports top $750m for first time
Egg production grows by 3.1% in Ukraine
Hot summer brings liquidity to European dairy futures
China looks to cut minimum protein levels in feed amid trade war
Russia. Dairy industry has all the chances to get a niche in the foreign market
Russia reduced import of meat and milk, but increased import of cheese and cottage cheese
UK. Meat prices fall but bread and cereals rise following hot summer
FAO Food Price Index down in September amid robust supplies
Canada. Cattle producers eyeing feed grain prices
Russia does not predict lifting the ban on import of milk from Belarus in large containers
US pork outlook positive despite trade uncertainty
Nobody knows how much milk is produced in Russia - Dmitry Rylko
High feed costs, but positive growth for Thai poultry producers
Poultry consumption growth to continue through 2022
Russia. Situation in the milk powder market is stable
Japan confirms swine fever, suspends pork exports
Ukraine. Pork imports in Jun-Aug increased 8-fold
US Red Meat Export Volumes Strong in July
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