Livestock Sector

US frozen meat inventory rises as production grows
Russia plans to export meat, fish and sugar to South Africa
Vietnam raises pork imports as prices appreciate locally
The Rosselkhoznadzor lifted the ban on the import of pork products from Hungary
Survey shows US chicken consumption remains strong
Indonesian pig farmers feel impact of AGP ban
Demand for native, coloured chicken in Indonesia to surge
Bulgaria to build a fence at Romanian border
UK pork exports to Philippines post largest growth
British Poultry Council issues warning on a no-deal Brexit
US pork exports to China/Hong Kong down 31%
Vietnam concerned about China’s tariffs on US pork
Vietnam looks to import beef, corn, soy from Brazil
Philippines’ meat imports to double by 2027
Belarus has temporarily restricted the import of poultry from the Orel region
Global pork trade to grow more competitive
US pork council expects lower exports to China
Indonesia expects lower feeder beef cattle imports
Indonesia starts exporting sheep to Malaysia
New biz model for NFC in three months
Ukraine. The expert told when to expect a rise in price of pork
Over the years of Ukraine’s independence the number of pigs has decreased three times – expert
Egypt-Uruguay: who leads in milk production?
The Rosselkhoznadzor allowed import of dairy products from three Belarusian enterprises
China slaps anti-dumping measures on Brazilian chicken
U.S. Sees Rosy Outlook for Pork, Grain Exports in Midst of Trade Tumult
US pork exports to South Korea surge
US pork exports to Asean up 20%
Argentina has banned the supply of beef with antibiotics in Russia
Australian poultry farms undergo major shift
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