Livestock Sector

What Trade Wars and Drought Are Doing to Your Meat
Russia. Milk production at agricultural enterprises increased by 3.7%
Indonesia bans poultry imports from Malaysia
Pork struggling in USDA outlook for 2018/2019
Philippines eyeing to import pork, fish for Christmas holidays
USDA provides positive poultry outlook for 2018/2019
Feed prices in Indonesia increase over currency depreciation
Philippine swine industry braces for meat imports from US
US poultry allowed into Morocco market after 14-year long wait
Milk, eggs and lard prices decreased in Ukraine
Predicting the impacts of the first ASF outbreak in China
China pork market faces uncertainties
Global pork trade hit by China-US trade war
Eastern Indonesia shows potential for pig farming
China to import 1.2mt of beef
Pork prices peaked the last two years
US frozen meat inventory rises as production grows
Russia plans to export meat, fish and sugar to South Africa
Vietnam raises pork imports as prices appreciate locally
The Rosselkhoznadzor lifted the ban on the import of pork products from Hungary
Survey shows US chicken consumption remains strong
Indonesian pig farmers feel impact of AGP ban
Demand for native, coloured chicken in Indonesia to surge
Bulgaria to build a fence at Romanian border
UK pork exports to Philippines post largest growth
British Poultry Council issues warning on a no-deal Brexit
US pork exports to China/Hong Kong down 31%
Vietnam concerned about China’s tariffs on US pork
Vietnam looks to import beef, corn, soy from Brazil
Philippines’ meat imports to double by 2027
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