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Transport and logistics news in Ukraine and world, infrastructure development, legislation, freight rates and dry Baltic index daily updates.
Russia. Preferential grain transportation to be extended only in five regions
Russia. Eurosib develops service for grain transportation in containers
Kazakhstan intends to increase grain transit through Uzbekistan
Baltic Dry Index gained significantly last week
Ukraine. Investments to port logistics continue
Ukraine. Logistics of agricultural commodities in January-April 2018
Baltic freight index continued to decline over the second consecutive week
Russia. Subsidized grain transportation quotas used by 60%
Brazil Ports Ready for Soybean Boom
CN to purchase hundreds of grain cars as transportation bill becomes law
Cargo transportation by Ukraine’s water transport fell by 18.5% to 1.0 million tonnes in 4M’18
Black Sea Ports News: Dredging in Yuzhniy, Handling in Aktau
Baltic freight index grew to the highest level over the last five months last week
Ukraine. MV Cargo terminal unloaded first grain hoppers
Ukraine to join logistics corridor between Europe and Asia through new port of Turkmenbashi
Baltic Dry Index remained almost unchanged during last week due to holidays in Asia and Europe
EBRD supports modernization of Albania transportation
Russian Railways: Loading of export cargo bound for domestic ports up 4.5% to 102.4 million tonnes in 4M’18
Russian government increased quotas for subsidized rail shipments of grain from Siberia
Baltic Dry Index continued growing for the second consecutive week
Ukraine. First tanker loaded with sunoil left Nika-Tera’s port for the Near East
Ukraine. Nibulon transported the first million tons of grain along the Southern Bug
Baltic Dry Index showed an unprecedented growth last week
Ukraine. Main works at unloading transport station of Cargill terminal completed
Cargo transportation by Ukraine’s water transport fell by 7.3% to 0.7 million tonnes in 3M’18
The dry bulk freight market: Just treading water?
Ukraine. USPA signs two contracts for dredging in Chernomorsk port
Iran plans to get access to Mediterranean Sea
Ukraine. Nibulon completes dredging works on Southern Bug
Ukrainian port may double grain handling
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