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Transport and logistics news in Ukraine and world, infrastructure development, legislation, freight rates and dry Baltic index daily updates.
Ukraine. USPA signs two contracts for dredging in Chernomorsk port
Iran plans to get access to Mediterranean Sea
Ukraine. Nibulon completes dredging works on Southern Bug
Ukrainian port may double grain handling
Ukraine. Mariupol port may double grain handling after new terminal launch
2018 may become a turning point for Ukrainian rivers
Russia plans to reduce transit flows through Latvia
Ukraine. 1 MMT of grain to be handled on terminal of MV Cargo before year-end
Ukraine. Logistics of agricultural cargoes in January-February 2018
Ukrainian grain trader may invest in Egyptian port
Ukraine considers possibility of increasing Yuzhniy port depths to 21 meters
Brazil Railroad Posting 755% Rally Fights for Take-or-Pay Clause
Ukraine’s state railway failing grain exporters
Ukraine. In 2018 three grain terminals to start working in seaports
Baltic Dry Index decreased due to low activity in Capesize sector
Viterra Australia breaks largest shipping day record
Russia. Subsidized grain transportation quotas used by 33%
Ukraine. Large agricultural holding to buy about 150 grain hoppers
Russia. Russian Railways introduces discount on grain transit from Kazakhstan to Transcaucasia
Baltic Freight Index lost 4% last week due to reduction of trading activity in the Pacific region
Russia. Subsidized grain transportation quotas used by 30%
Kazakhstan. Astyk Trans introduces discount on grain exports by rail
AAFC Minister discusses rail back log with grain sector
Russia. Some regions to get extra quotas for reduced-rate transportation of grain
Ukraine. Chinese company to dredge Chernomorsk port
Russian Railways applies discount on grain transit from Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan
Rail Shortages Are Knocking Ukraine's Grain Expansion Off Track
Russia. Government to make subsidization of grain deliveries for exports permanent
Ukraine to build organic grain complex in Black Sea port
Uganda halves grains transport cost to Kenya
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