Oilseeds market news

Kazakhstan. Almaty region expanding oilseed plantings
Russian State Statistics Service published a sunseed crop forecast
Ukraine. November’s rape oil output hit a four-year low
Waiting on a supply shock
Long-term prospects for rapeseed production in Bulgaria are doubtful
Ukraine. Vegetable oils handling sets an absolute record
Pakistan. Soyabean oil imports increase 71.93pc in 5 months
As World Eats More Meat, U.S. Soy Losing Battle to Feed Animals
Egypt's vegetable oil reserves at 3 months, sugar at 5 - official
Malaysian palm oil price jumps 2% on stronger export demand
Russia. A plant in Blagoveshchensk started industrial refining and packing of soybean oil
Ukraine. Sunseed stocks down 11.5% year-on-year
Monsoon rains finally begin in Brazil
Share of Ukraine’s winter rape plantings in good and fair condition increased to 88.6%
India got interested in oilseed crushing in Volga regions
Philippines' H1 Dec domestic bioethanol reference price rebounds
UNICA: Ethanol production up in late November
Malaysia promotes sustainably-produced palm oil in Japan
Ukraine’s Ag Ministry published preliminary figures for the oilseed harvest
UkrAgroCom planning to process its oilseed crop at an own plant
Ukraine. Sunseed stocks down 11.5% year-on-year
Will revival in prices of DDGs prop up soymeal values?
Russia. Amur region actively increases soybean oil exports to China
Ukraine. November’s rape oil output hit a four-year low
China tightens high quality requirements of soybean imports from the US
Cargill introduces new canola oil
Malaysian palm oil price slides on stronger ringgit, technical selling
Ukraine. From the beginning of MY 2017/18 export of rapeseed increased by 54.2%
U.S. soybean farmers see another record year with $28 billion in exports
Neste resumes sourcing from palm oil company IOI
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