Uzbekistan planning to purchase the Y2018 soybean crop on state order


 The state order for soybean procurement will be introduced in Uzbekistan beginning from the Y2018 crop, reports The respective amendments to the resolution of Uzbekistan’s President “On measures for organizing soya planting and increasing soybean cultivation in the republic for 2017-2021” are discussed on the SOVAZ portal. 

Reportedly, the state order for soybean procurement will be formed in volumes really needed for stable crushing operation, saturation of the domestic market with soybean oil, expansion of the range of vegoils and provision of the animal and poultry sectors with nutritive feeds. 

According to the resolution, soya planted acreage will increase in 2017–2021. Soya is expected to occupy 92.3 Th ha as the primary crop and 40.6 Th ha as a secondary crop.