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Cereals Canada remains optimistic about durum recovery
Egyptian GASC preferred Ukrainian and Romanian wheats to Russian one
UK wheat crop seen at 13.95 mln T, down 6 pct
Egypt: only soybean oil from domestic sellers purchased in tender
Nigerian wheat imports to rise 4% to 5.4m mt in 2018/19
Announcement of UkrAgroConsult website update
Egypt issued a milling wheat tender
Zimbabwe raises wheat price by 26% amid shortages
Resumption of American soybean purchases by Chinese importers livens up the world market
Brazil Soybean Farmers to Slow Early Selling Pace
Climate change poses threat to UK growing patterns, survey shows
Politics remains a major driver of oilseeds prices
World wheat supply increases, despite Australian production falling
Heyday for North American wheat over as Black Sea rises
US wheat exports cut by 25 million bushels
China buys five US soybean cargoes, up to 14 talked
Pakistan. Area under wheat lags by 0.822 million hectares
Who will become the world’s second biggest wheat exporter after Russia?
EU becomes net grain importer for first time in more than 10 years
Malaysia-India deal on import duty may hit Indian edible oil industry hard
India. Planting of rabi pulses is 10% behind last year
Western Australia intake hits 13Mt as harvest passes peak
Egypt issued a tender to purchase vegetable oils
Brazil ready if China removes tariffs on U.S. soy
Technology boosts China's grain production in past 40 years
India. Vegetable oil imports dip 9% in November
Scottish cereal harvest in 2018 affected by extreme weather
Strategie Grains sees EU wheat crop rebound to four-year high
Zimbabwe moves in to reduce wheat imports
Wheat price growth in Egyptian tender
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