2018/19 season: Productivity of Russian spring crops may decrease because of drought


Spring crops almost all over Russia are in worse condition than long-term average. The reason is a serious precipitation deficit in recent months.

Spring crops in South Russia are depressed; soil moisture supply in the one-meter layer is at a five-year low there. This part of the country is experiencing a severe precipitation deficit. It will likely affect spring crops to a greater extent than winter crops.

A situation inferior to multi-year average is observed in most of the Volga federal district.

In grain growing regions behind the Urals and in Western Siberia, moisture supply causes no concern, but spring crops are in a poorer condition than long-term average. Cool, rainy weather that set in there during the seeding period resulted in smaller-than-expected plantings and slower development progress of spring crops.

Yield potential of major spring cereals and oilseeds is under threat. Rain may fall in the majority of growing regions within the coming one or two weeks. Otherwise, a serious fall will occur in their yields.

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