A modern oilseed crushing plant launched in West Kazakhstan


An oilseed crushing plant capable of processing an estimated 40 KMT of feedstock a year has been launched in West Kazakhstan region (village of Beles) after an upgrade. This will be the country’s only plant exploiting the technology of cold extrusion. The latter allows preserving all beneficial properties of the product. The crusher will work on locally grown oilseeds reports UkrAgroConsult.

It is added that the plant was put into operation following a few years of bankruptcy. An extraction shop was built in the course of its reconstruction. The shop made it possible to raise the oil yield rate and use high-protein waste for feeding cattle.

According to managing director Kasym Iskakov, sunseed was difficult to market before. Growers shipped the commodity mostly to Uzbekistan or transported it to Ust-Kamenogorsk crushers. Now they do not have to carry their sunseed that far. The farmers bring it to us. Moreover, the government pays them subsidies. As of today, the plant has signed contracts on supplying finished product to all of the Kazakhstan regions. In addition, the first cargo was shipped abroad (to Uzbekistan) the other day.



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