A number of imported rice brands contain high levels of pesticides


In an SBS investigation, two of the four rice samples the broadcasting service had tested by Australia’s National Measurement Institute failed to comply with Australian regulations.

These rice varieties can currently be bought in supermarkets across the country, as well as South Asian grocery stores.

Worryingly, an insecticide called buprofezin, which is not permitted in rice in Australia, was found in Kohinoor Basmati rice, imported from India.

Not only that, but made-in-Pakistan Indus Basmati Rice contained chlorpyrifos – an insecticide that is reported to be in breach of the Australian and New Zealand food code.

And it seems that these brands of rice aren’t the only products under scrutiny. Earlier this year, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission announced that they are now forcing brands like ALDI and Menora to carry out annual testing of the composition of their herb and spice products.

This comes after testing uncovered that ALDI’s Stonemill Oregano and Menora-branded oregano also contained primary ingredients (like olive leaves and sumac leaves).


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