A record harvest of oilseeds in Ukraine will increase the amount of processing


According to experts of "Ukroliyaprom", in 2018 year, Ukraine has collected more than 21 million tonnes of oilseeds, surpassing the previous record of 2016 at 19 million tonnes.
The Production of rapeseed rose to 128%, sunflower 116%, soybeans – 115%, and existing capacities allow to process all the resulting harvest.
Due to increase in 2018 the acreage under sunflower compared to 2017 1.7% to 6,165 million hectares and a record yield of 23 t/ha, Ukraine has collected the largest ever crop of 14.2 million tons, which is 116% of the level in 2017.

During September-December 2018 domestic enterprises have processed a record 4.6 million tonnes of sunflower, which got almost 2 million tons of sunflower oil, which is 10% higher than the same period of 2017.
According to experts, this trend will continue in 2018/19 MG when production of sunflower oil, subject to oil mills amount to 6.22 mln tonnes and exports of 5.8 million tons.

The Purchase prices for sunflower remain under pressure to strengthen the hryvnia and the decline in prices for palm oil.

Processors offer 10500-11200 UAH/t at the factory and 10300-10400 UAH/t on the French economy.

The Active demand for Ukrainian sunflower oil in the near future will support prices at 670-680 $/t


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