About 83% of Ukrainian winter rape crops are in good and fair condition


The weather in early April was primarily moderately warm for this time of year; precipitation occurred on most days. Only the last two days of the week saw some temperature decrease. The average air temperature varied from 4.0-6.50C (Kharkiv region) to 14-150C (Dnipropetrovsk region) that is 2-70C above normal. On the warmest days the air temperature reached +15.0-22.40C. The soil surface warmed to +26-420C in the daytime.

Precipitation of various intensities (2 to 13 mm) occurred almost all over the country, except for the south.

The development of leaf rosettes and stalk growth continue in winter rape. Its crop condition is mostly good and fair, reports UkrAgroConsult.

As of April 6, winter rape had emerged on 887 Th ha out of its total planted area of 899.2 Th ha (98.6%). 415.8 Th ha (46.9%) of its plantings are in good condition. Rape crops were lost on 14.8 Th ha that represents 2.5% of their total area.

According to the Ag Ministry, 858.9 Th ha (98%) of rape had been fertilized by April 7.

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