Africa Rice Introduces New Varieties of Rice


As climate change currently takes center stage in many global discussions as a result of its huge effect on agricultural productivity in many African countries, Africa Rice has introduced new varieties of rice to enable farmers have successful harvest within 95 days whether rain or sun.

According to Africa Rice Country Representative Dr.Inoussa Akintayo, the introduction of the varieties of rice to local farmers is a demonstration to reduce the effect of climate change on farmers in the country.

The varieties of rice that were introduced to farmers, according to Dr. Akintayo, have different length of time for harvest and some getmature for harvest during in 95 days while LAC 23 takes 150 days.

Some of the new varietiesintroduced to farmers in four of Liberia’s fifteen counties,included Narica 4, Narica 4V, Narica 14, Narica 14V2,Narica 18, AGRA -CRI UPL-4, and Narica 5 among others.

Dr.Akintayo further stated that the program is intended to contribute to the success of farmers by making available improved and climate change resilient rice varieties.

He explained that the project is in four counties, including Nimba,Bong, Grand Cape Mount and Margibi.

He stressed that his organization remains firm in contributing to the country's Agenda for Transformation through its support to rice production.

Over 50farmers who attended atour were asked to select their ownvarieties out of the seven available.

Joseph Ndebeh, Research Associate at the Center of Agriculture Research (CARI) disclosed that since 1980 Suakoko eight (8))was introduced to farmers.

Since then, local farmershave gotten used to growing Suakoko rice which he said has been helping farmers.

Annie Kolligbotoldthis newspaper that the introduction of the new varieties of rice is a dream comes true for them.

She thanked Africa Rice for providing seeds to local farmers for the improvement of rice production in the country.

Several other farmers expressed gratitude to Africa Rice for bringing in new varieties of rice to help them grow more food despite the negative effects of climate change.

Africa Ricehas also introduced the production of yams to close the production gap with diet diversification to farmers to improve their income because it takes four months to harvest.


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