Ag trade in the era of Trump and Brexit - new Agrimoney report


The outlook for world trade has arguably not been this grim since the 1930s - the combination of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump are dominating concerns for agricultural trade across the globe.

Agrimoney's 2017 Outlook for Global Agribusiness report looks at the impact these trade-changing events are likely to have on agribusinesses and the food and bioenergy supply chains.

From agricultural producers, to traders, investors and global retailers, all are realising that the new political era is set to have a huge impact on world agricultural trade. This new Agrimoney research report, written by chief economist John Phelan, sets out exactly what is likely to happen and the implications for food and bioenergy supply chains.

The report tackles key concerns: What will the future architecture of global trade look like with trade deals collapsing, and the move from multilateralism to bilateralism; How will currency markets react?; What is the future for renewables, particularly in the US?

Big questions

"We also look, crucially, at how the UK and US governments will continue - or not - to support agriculture," said Mr Phelan.

"The era of multilateral trade deals which has typified the post war world trading order seems to be coming to an end. What will replace it? What effects will that have on production, trade, and living standards?

"These are the questions key figures in the agribusiness sector have been asking us, and we set out to answer them in this new report."

The report's conclusions make interesting reading for anyone concerned about the impact of Brexit and Trump on global agricultural trade.

Whether it is the radical potential impact on the US dairy industry, or the expected results of a more open trading approach from Britain, it is clear that the changes afoot will have a marked impact upon both agriculture and consumers in the long-run.


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