Agricultural products made up 50% of Ukraine's total exports in November


In November 2016, agricultural products made up 50% of Ukraine's total exports, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Oleh Churiy has stated in an interview with

“Our economy depends mainly on the export deliveries of two products - grain and metal. In 2016, there was a large volume of agricultural exports. In November, agricultural products made up 50% of the total exports. It is one of the highest figures in Ukraine's history,” Churiy said, adding that agricultural products, metals and related products provided 70% of the total currency supply from exports.

According to Churiy, Ukraine is one of the world's largest producers, but the country does not determine the price for agricultural products, as it exports mostly low-processing goods which depend heavily on global markets.

In addition, Ukraine has been listed among the world's top 10 metal producers, but its share on the market is 1.5%.

“Meanwhile, China covers 50% of the steel market. Thus, we are absolutely dependent on the situation in this country,” Churiy noted.


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