Agriculture ministry: Ukraine included in list of countries viewed as main food producers


According to estimates by international experts, Ukraine is viewed as one of the main producers and exporters of the food products required to feed the world in near future.

Ukrainian Agrarian Policy and Food Deputy Minister for European Integration Olga Trofimtseva has stated this at the 'Ukraine's Agriculture Development - Aiming at UN Sustainable Development Goals' round table meeting.

“It is considered that not so many countries in the world can make products to feed the growing population of our planet in the near future. According to estimates by many international organizations, including FAO, Ukraine is one of such countries. Therefore, it will be an important aspect of our agriculture development,” Trofimtseva said.

According to her, Ukraine's agricultural production and exports will increase by means of technology development and production intensification.

Currently, the agrarian policy is building in Ukraine, providing for agricultural sector integrity and the interrelationship of production, rural development, environmental impact of agriculture and the agricultural sector's adaptedness for climate changes.



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