Alexander Tkachev: food prices this year increased by 3%


Food prices this year rose on average by three percent, said in an interview "RG" Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev

For the year, prices fell for cereals, sunflower oil, eggs, sugar, fruits and vegetables. "Of course, there are seasonal fluctuations in prices, - did not hide the head of the Ministry of agriculture, especially for fruit and vegetables, which are cheaper in the summer / fall and more expensive in winter-spring. But the trend is the annual decline in value can be traced steadily. This result, in particular, and good vintages of recent years."

There's only one way to keep prices down is to increase production, to increase the offer. "Prices for chicken, pork, sunflower oil - gives the example Tkachev, - rise slightly or even lower because in recent years greatly increased the volume of production of these goods. Investors came to this sector, which makes it easier to increase production of marketable products and make a profit".

In beef production the situation is different. Substantial investment is needed with a longer payback period. "Now, poultry and pork there is already a noticeable market saturation. Therefore, investments in beef and dairy cattle. The growth in production volumes will level off the situation with the prices", - the Minister promised.


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