Algerian wheat production to bounce back next season...


Wheat production in Algeria will bounce back in 2016-17, thanks to timely rains in January.

But production will remain short of the levels seen before a three-year drought, with imports remaining large, US officials said.

The US Department of Agriculture's Algiers bureau saw Algerian wheat production at 2.7m tonnes, up 700,000 tonnes year on year, but well short of the 3.3m tonnes harvested in 2013-14, before successive dry growing seasons hit production.

And imports will remain strong, although a touch down from recent years, at 8.0m tonnes, the bureau said.

Dry start to sowing season…

The wheat crop got off to a bad start, with a dry hot autumn.

"The decline in rainfall and the increase in temperatures in October and November affected many sectors related to agriculture and particularly, cereal farmers who are in rainfall dependent regions," the bureau said.

"A recent FAO report indicated that only about 20 percent of normal rainfall fell in September and October 2016."

"The lack of precipitation coupled with above-average temperatures, depleted the soil moisture necessary for winter crop planting," the bureau said.

"Some areas in western and central Algeria suffered from short-term drought."

..but good rains of late

But conditions have improved since then.

"Climatic conditions in Algeria have changed since the beginning of January 2017," the bureau said.

"Nearly every region has received rain and or snow which hopefully will relieve farmers' concerns and mitigate the negative impact of early season dry conditions".


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