Almost 70% of the Russian products do not meet the standards


These data were obtained by results of check 56 thousand enterprises

More than half of products in the Russian stores does not meet the standards due to problems with the control of producers, from the data of the CPS.

In 2016 the audit 56 thousand enterprises it was found that 66% of producers had violated the conditions of production and storage of products.

In this situation the Rosselkhoznadzor explained that unscrupulous manufacturers conceal defective products before the tests, and sometimes even create new legal entities to avoid scrutiny of the inspectors.

"This information is completely open, and any producer knows when it will come to the test. Of course, if in six months you know, when the check, an unscrupulous manufacturer to her well-prepared", — said the press-Secretary of the Rosselkhoznadzor Julia Melano.

At the same time, the number of violations fell to the lowest level in the last five years: in 2016, revealed in the course of 34.3 per thousand inspections. By law, the Agency may conduct audits no more often than every three years.


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