Apple production in the EU in 2017 will be reduced by 20%


The level of Apple production in the EU in 2017 will be 20% less compared to 2016 (11.75 million tons), 15% lower than the average level over the past 10 years

According to WAPA (The World Apple and Pear Association), the total forecast of Apple production in 2017 in the EU-21 is of 9.34 million tonnes in the remaining 7 countries — 64.6 thousand tonnes only in the EU-28 and 9.4 million tonnes.

In 2017 it is expected one of the lowest volumes of production of apples in recent years. Probably, we will observe the growth of prices for apples for processing, as well as the growth of imports and decline in exports of apples.

"A significant drop in Apple production expected in Poland, but still, the country will produce enough apples for export. The production decline probably also in Italy, but its domestic market, according to forecasts, will remain stable. Exporters are likely to focus on the German market", – stated in the message.

Earlier it was reported that Apple production in Ukraine in 2016 the volume of the harvest was 1.1 million tonnes.


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