Argentina: a new round of production and export growth on soybean market


Adapted from a presentation of Leandro Pierbattisti, Argentina’s Federation of Elevators, a speaker at the XIV International Conference “Black Sea Grain-2017”

The world’s soybean production in MY 2016/17 is estimated at 341 MMT. Argentina accounts for 16% of the total global soybean volume.

world soybean productionAt the same time, over 80% of Argentina’s soybean crop is utilized by domestic crushers, making the nation a key exporter of soybean products. So, the Argentine share in the 2016/17 global soybean meal export volume of 68 MMT is estimated at 47%. Also, the country will likely account for 48% of the world’s soybean oil exports of 11.7 MMT.

Soybean products will play an increasing role in Argentina’s exports, and their share will reach 55% by MY 2025/26.

Noteworthy is that the harvest rise by MY 2025/26 will be reached rather at the expense of higher yields than due to expanded plantings.

world soybean meal trade

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