Argentina hikes biodiesel prices, export tax in September


Argentina's Energy Ministry has raised biodiesel prices by around 2.7% in September from August, and hiked the export tax, it said Wednesday.

The ministry raised the export tax rate for the fuel additive to 0.13% in September from 0% in August, according to agency data.

In September, the prices oil refiners must pay for biodiesel supplies to meet a 10% blend requirement in diesel were increased by between 2.7% and 2.8% from August.

For large integrated biodiesel producers, the price went up 2.8% to Peso 12,120/mt ($702.95) in September from August. For large non-integrated producers, the price was raised 2.7% to Peso 13,924/mt over the same period, while the prices small and medium producers can charge were increased 2.7% to Peso 15,434/mt and Peso 15,628/mt, respectively, the ministry said.


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