Argentina’s next corn crop will be very challenging


In a conference aimed to no-tillage farmers in Rosario, northeastern Argentina, Federico Massoni, an agronomist at Argentina’s National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), has alerted for the challenges that the new corn crop (2016/2017) will present as Argentine farmers get back to corn with the elimination of export taxes. For Massoni, a lot of producers have been negligent with Bt corn varieties.

“We have to be very serious about the refuge areas. In Brazil, they have played with it and the result was very terrible. With the massive comeback of corn, we can see a widespread Spodoptera if we play with it and don’t do refuge areas as it has been made recently,” alerted Massoni.

Aníbal Cerrudo, an expert from the  same institution, declared that the investment on chemical control needs to comeback. “Now that the government got out of the way, the farmers have the ball and need to invest on chemical control. Recently, they did not do it, but the changes of possible profitability may make the difference. Let’s remind that the La Niña will be strong,” said Cerrudo.



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