Armenia. Wheat procurers make huge benefits out of farmers’ hard work


Hrachya Berberyan, chairman of a union of farmers, has accused wheat procuring companies of making huge profits out of wheat growing farmers’ hard work.

"They pay the farmers from 90 to 120 drams per one kg of wheat, however, 1 kg of flour can be used to make more than 1 kg of bread, which sells for about 460 drams," said Berberyan.

According to him, the best price for one kg of wheat is 140 drams, as it will allow farmers to make profits too.

"No state agency is trying to address this issue. This situation is very likely to prompt farmers to cut land under wheat, which in turn will threaten the development of agriculture in Armenia," he said.

According to official data, Armenia produced in 2015 a total of 369,400 metric tons of wheat, up from 338,100 tons in 2014. The land under wheat grew by 18,725 hectares. ($ 1 - 474.96 drams). -0-


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