As harvest approaches to end, Buenos Aires Cereal raises soy production estimate for Argentina


The soybean harvest has approached to nearly 66.5 percent of the total surface in Argentina and the output projection is 57.5 million metric tons, according to the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange. In just one week, there was an advance of over 17 percentage points and the yields have increased. So far, the volume harvested of the grain reached 40 million metric tons. Most of the areas that the harvest has finished were in Santa Fe, Cordoba, Entre Rios, Buenos Aires and La Pampa. Several lots need to be harvested in the Northeast and Northwestern regions of the country.

For corn, the estimates jumped to 39 million metric tons getting to 31.8 percent of the surface already finished, while during the week the crop progressed 2.8 percentage points. The best yields are seen in most recently planted areas.


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