As harvest gets to 17.7% of surface, wheat output is expected to reach 12.5 mmt in Argentina


After the worst of the rains passed, the wheat harvest in Argentina has reached 17.7 percent of the projected surface of 10.6 million acres, but still there is a delay of 2.3 percentage points comparing to 2015, according to the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange. The harvest progressed 5.6 percentage points in one week.

Recent low-intensity rains have stopped works in the provinces of the North, while some parts of central provinces like Buenos Aires still have a long way to wait before the harvesters start to work. In the meantime, the official production forecast of the Argentinean government is 14.9 million metric tons because it considers also non-commercial production. The Buenos Aires Cereal Exhange foresees an output of 12.5 million metric tons of the cereal.


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