Asian consumers meet the Aegean Turkish products


In the framework of the "Turquality" project, the Aegean Exporting Unions of different branches of export (dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables, olives and olive oil, aromatic herbs) launched the 2nd launch for promotion in The press of Turkish products and a tasting session to be held in Tokyo on 24th of November.
This time, it is a great Japanese chef, Mr. Toro Okuda, who will present to the participants five different recipes, prepared with Turkish products but adapted to the palate of the Asian consumers. Then, the chefs Yoroizuka and Tsujiguchi will offer Turkish coffee flavored with different products and accompanied by ice cream with dried fruits.
The coordinating President of the Aegean Exporting Unions, Mr. Sabri Ünlütürk, said that Turkey, with a production of 60 billion dollars, is the 7th largest European country in terms of agricultural food production. About 15 percent of this production is provided by the Izmir region, which intends to increase its market share.
He adds that Turkey has very little place in imports of Japanese food products, among others, and that it has products such as apricots, pomelos, lemons, pickled vegetables, dry tomatoes, wheat and Bulgur, which are likely to please Japanese consumers.
In 2015, Turkey exported $ 89 million worth of food to Japan. 40 per cent of this export was carried out by Turkish Aegean exporters.


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