ASTARTA starts sugar production campaign


The new sugar production campaign of ASTARTA successfully started at its Zhdanivsky sugar plant (Vinnitsya region). The plant has already processed over five thousand tonnes of sugar beets harvested in late August. The other seven sugar plants of the Company are also being prepared for the sugar production season.     

This year sugar production campaign was initiated earlier owing to the larger scale of sugar beet plantings and better maturation dynamics. Overall our sugar plants aim to produce not less than 450 thousand tonnes of sugar from own grown and third party sugar beets. The very first harvested fields in Vinnitsya region demonstrated strong results with over 50 tonnes of sugar beet per hectare, while further yields and sugar content are expected to increase.

As a part of the new sugar production campaign ASTARTA paid special attention to the improvement of sugar plants productivity and energy saving technologies. A number of the Company’s sugar plants conducted routine replacement of equipment (centrifuges, filter- and pulp-presses, etc.).  




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