ASTARTA's operational results for 2017



Last week the company finished the sugar production campaign. Sugar factories produced 463 thousand tonnes of sugar (-8% y-o-y). During the season the company processed almost 3.1 million tonnes of sugar beet. The decline of sugar production volume is a result of lower harvest of sugar beet in the Eastern part of Ukraine.

At the same time, the share of top-quality sugar reached 90% of total production. ASTARTA significantly reduced beet loss during storage and transportation, as well as energy consumption during processing. After the commissioning of the beet pulp drying complex at Narkevychi sugar plant, total production of granulated beet pulp increased by 19% to 43 thousand tons.


2017 was characterized by unfavorable weather conditions in the Poltava region. This affected the total harvest of grain and oilseeds which amounted to 786 thousand tons (-14% y-o-y). Sugar beet harvest was 2.3 million tons (-12% y-o-y).

 Soybean processing:

Over the past year, the production volumes at Globyno soybean crushing plant remained flat, the plant was fully loaded. The mix of production was as following: soybean oil - 40 thousand tonnes (+ 3% y-o-y), soybean meal - 153 thousand tonnes (-3% y-o-y), soybean husks - 12 thousand tons (flat y-o-y).

 Dairy Farming:

Milk production increased by 2.5% to 110 thousand tonnes, average milk yield grew by 4% to 7.2 tonnes per cow. Productivity of cows at several farms in Poltava region where the Company launched the project of feed center for сattle increased by over 9%.



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