Australia. Excellent results for Tasmanian cherries


The result was very satisfactory and projections are promising for the Australian sector of the cherry.
According to the bulletin of the Australian Bureau of Agriculture, cherries exports reached a record of $ 48 million in 2014-15 AUSD. Amount net increase from the 14 million AUSD made in 2010-11.
Tasmanian cherries recorded export of an average of 17.34 AUSD kilogram for the 2014-15 season. Cherries other regions have only achieved an average of 11.46 AUSD / kg.
The explanations for these phenomenal results include several points: the amplification of production, the expansion of demand from Asia, lower costs for air freight to Asia compared with other exporters of the South hemisphere. Finally, the preservation of Tasmania regarding the "fruit fly" which facilitated access to the Chinese market.


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