Australia sends first shipment of brown eggs to South Korea


Australian egg farmers have sent the first shipment of eggs to South Korea, to help ease a major shortage caused by an avian influenza outbreak. Approximately 30 million birds have been culled to stem the spread of the disease, causing a shortfall according to ABC Rural. Prices of eggs and other poultry products have soared as a result, with retail egg prices rising by around 21.5% to USD 1.87 for 10 eggs.

But at the farm gate, farmers have raised the price of eggs they are selling by 50% to USD 1.31. Huge shipments of white eggs are already arriving from the US, but Koreans have a preference for brown eggs, and that is where Australian farmers are stepping in. “Eggs are an important product to South Koreans, hence the sense of crisis and the need to act quickly,” said Rowan McMonnies, Managing Director of the Australian Egg Corporation Limited.


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