Australia Supplied Almost Half Of Chinese Red Meat Imports


Almost half of China’s red meat imports came from Australia last year, contributing to a 194 per cent import surge on 2012.

Data from China Customs, Global Trade Atlas shows that 48 per cent of China’s red meat was farmed in Australia, with 94 per cent coming from Australia, New Zealand and Uruguay.

China imported 294,223 tonnes swt of beef during 2013 (up 379 per cent year-on-year), with imports from Australia reaching 154,777 tonnes swt (up 467 per cent ).

Australia’s market share has increased steadily since 2010 (at 24 per cent ), with a further rise from 44 per cent in 2012, to 53 per cent in 2013, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) reported.

The levy board added: While the volume from Uruguay and NZ lifted to 70,334 tonnes swt (up 385 per cent year-on-year) and 35,375 tonnes swt (up 374 per cent , market share of both countries remained steady year-on-year, at 24 per cent and 12 per cent , respectively.

China imported 248,882 tonnes swt of sheepmeat during 2013 (up 101 per cent ), said MLA experts. While NZ continued to dominate China’s imported sheepmeat volume, at 133,343 tonnes swt (up 88 per cent year-on-year), market share was back from 57 per cent in 2012, to 54 per cent in 2013.

China’s intake of Australian sheepmeat jumped 111 per cent , to 106,902 tonnes swt, with its market share in 2013 also rising 2 per cent on 2012, to 43 per cent . The volume of Uruguay sheepmeat imported was up almost four-fold on 2012 annual import volume, at 8,637 tonnes swt.


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