Barley exports from Russia down 43%


Barley shipments from Russia were still extremely small in late 2016. Russian barley exports plummeted almost fourfold in December 2016, to 143 KMT against 540 KMT in December 2015, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Russia exported 43% less barley in H1 2016/17 than in the same period a year ago (1837.1 KMT against 3214.2 KMT in July-December 2015/16).

Russian barley supplies fell to almost all of their key destinations. Growth of exports is only reported to a few markets, including the European Union, Lebanon, Morocco and Syria (the latter country resumed deliveries).

Russian barley shipments to the European Union already exceeded last season’s exports and totaled roughly 118 KMT (up 9.4%) with supplies to Lebanon at 86.6 KMT (up 39.5%) and to Morocco at 46.7% (24.8 KMT). Exports of Russian barley to Syria amounted to 28 KMT at the time.



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