Barley exports from Ukraine to China up 163% in MY 2017/18


Barley exports from Ukraine increased substantially in March compared to February 2018. They totaled 110.5 KMT that is up 66% from February (66.7 KMT) but down 47% from March 2017 (208.4 KMT).

Ukrainian exporters supplied more than 4 MMT of barley to foreign markets in the first nine months of MY 2017/18 (July-March), i.e. 15% less than at the same time last season, reports UkrAgroConsult.

As before, this season’s main end markets for Ukrainian barley include Saudi Arabia, China, the European Union, and Libya. The share of Turkey continues growing. Ukraine supplied 25% more barley to this market at the time than for the whole of last season.

Due to a substantial rise in Ukrainian barley shipments to China (up 163% on the year), less was exported to end markets such as Libya, Iran, Israel, Tunisia etc. In addition, this season Ukraine shipped no barley to the UAE, Oman, Egypt, Bangladesh and some other countries.

Noteworthy, in July-February 2017/18 Russia increased barley shipments by 36%% from the whole 2016/17 season. The share of Saudi Arabia increased to 37% of its exports. Iran absorbed 1.1 MMT or more than twice as during the whole last season and became the second largest importer of Russian barley.

Barley exports rose considerably to Turkish market, reports UkrAgroConsult. Russian shipments grew to 384.6 KMT during July-February 2017/18. This level was the largest since MY 2014/15.

Besides, Kuwait resumed barley imports from Russia, which amounted 126 KMT in July-February 2017/18.



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