Belarus' agricultural output up by 2.9% in January-October 2017


In January-October 2017 Belarus' agricultural output rose by 2.9%, Belarus' Agriculture and Food Minister Leonid Zayats said at a press conference at BelTA's press center. “In January-October the agricultural sector displayed positive growth dynamics.

The agricultural production in all categories of farms rose by 2.9%, in state-run agricultural organizations by 3.8%,” the minister said. Leonid Zayats said that the production of meat increased by 46,000 tonnes as against the same period last year, that of milk by 176,000 tonnes. The cattle herd expanded by 66,000 head, pig stock by 83.000. The poultry stock went up by 1.2 million.

This year we have stored more grain, more grass forage for the livestock industry. This means that we have laid down the solid base for the development of the livestock industry, the main driver of the economy,” he explained. The minister pointed out that advances have been made in crop production as well. “We produced 700,000 tonnes of grain more as against the previous year, and if we take into account all categories of farms the growth will be somewhat 1 million tonnes of grain.

The yield was 35.6 kg/ha. This has enabled us to make abundant stocks of grain for food purposes, to stock grain seeds and to ensure the livestock industry with the forage grain,” Leonid Zayats said. The minister said that the production of colza rose 2.2 times over last year. This has been achieved due to the higher yield which was 21.9 kg/ha this year, which was 6.5 centners higher than in 2016. “Progress has been also achieved in the production of sugar beet. The harvest made up over 4.9 million tonnes, with the yield at 501 centners per hectare (up 56 centners from last year).

The potato yield has improved as well,” Leonid Zayats said. He added that the area under potatoes was reduced this year. However, thanks to the growth in yield, the country secured the gross crop at the level of 2016. Leonid Zayats said that 645,000 tonnes of vegetables were harvested in Belarus this year. “We have fully ensured the stabilization stocks of potatoes and other vegetables and also created reserves for exports. Last year we sold abroad about 300,000 tonnes of potatoes. The price for potatoes has recently increased, and we have some 300,000 tonnes for exports this year as well,” he said.


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